Top 5 Questions We're Asked

Hi there!  

We're always getting asked lots of fun questions! Some are about our creative business, Treehouse Art Studio, and others are as simple as, "What are you making for dinner?"  We hope to answer all of your questions and more with our new blog.

We thought it'd be fun to kick off our blog by answering the top 5 Questions that we get asked all the time!  

Question 1: Are you sisters?

Nope, not sisters. Great friends!

We get so tickled that we get asked this question so frequently by all ages.  Our littlest artists will frequently tug on our shirttails and ask, "Is she your sister?"  

Question 2: If you're not sisters then how did you meet?

We met when our daughters were in the same half day kindergarten class.  We had frequent playdates and eventually became co-leaders of their Girl Scout troop. Find out more about Our Story. 

Question 3: How do you get all of your ideas?

To answer simply, our ideas come from our everyday experiences.  Whether it's a summer camp theme, new product line, or a blog topic, we ask ourselves, "Would this appeal to me?"  We're moms, we're shoppers, we're blog readers.  If we wouldn't sign our own kids up, purchase it for our homes, or click in to read more, then we move on.  

Question 4: How do you balance friendship and business?

We've always shared the common value that family and friendship comes before business.  We're friends first and business partners second.  This means that we catch up about our weekends and what's going on with our families before talking business.  We genuinely care about each other and if one of us is feeling overwhelmed then the other steps up to alleviate some of the pressure.  

Most importantly, we have lots of fun!  We LOVE what we do and it shows.  We're always laughing and frequently get told, "You girls are having too much fun!" 

Question 5: What is your best small business advice to those starting out?

We hope to do a whole blog post on this topic in the near future.  But for now, our best advice is, just do it!  We're both former teachers and starting out had no idea how to start and run a business.  We jumped in and googled as we went!  We made mistakes along the way, asked ourselves everyday if we were crazy, but just kept going!  We'd also advise you to stay flexible.  Your business will take twists and turns along the way that you never anticipated.  Our business has grown and changed over time because we followed those twists and turns where they led.   We started out just doing art workshops and birthday parties for children and now we do workshops for all ages, work with some fabulous community partners, and have our own product line!  

If you have a question for us that we didn't answer or if you'd like for us to cover one in more depth, leave us a comment. 

Warmest Regards,

Darci & Katie




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